My Path

As far as I can remember, my connection to animals has always been very present. I had the chance to grow up among them and this bond has continued to grow over the years, meetings, adoptions ... So I have always lived surrounded by animals, they are my oxygen, my strength and on many occasions, my guides.

My professional career began as a drugstore assistant, which allowed me to train a lot in natural approaches such as phyto, aroma, Bach Flowers or homeopathy.

I then continued my training and obtained my diploma as a medical secretary. By working for several years in an elderly home facility, I had the opportunity to live a very enriching and meaningful human experience.

Then followed my cursus at the Swiss School of Naturopathy for Animals (ESNA), gathering my interest in natural approaches with my passion for animals. It did not take more to show me the evidence of my path and this is how animal naturopathy became my profession.

In parallel to my activity, I pursue profesionnal certification in animal acupressure. This art complements the natural techniques and allows me to add gesture and touch in each session.

The well-being, balance and physical and mental integrity of animals are my priorities and my main motivation. All the techniques learned are as many tools in my working box and making them available to you is the raison d'être of the Jardins de Beltainn.

I'm looking forward to accompanying you on your way



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Naturopathie animalière


dog - cat - horse

Phytotherapy - Aromatherapy - Gemmotherapy - Floral elixir . Wellness massage - Apitherapy - Clays - Nutrition

Acupressure certification

Elemental Acupressure

- in progress -

Acupressure, fundamentals, theory & practice - 5 Elements theory . Energetic work - Introduction to Shiatsu

Alternative medicine for pets


Phytotherapy - Aromatherapy - Gemmotherapy - Homeopathy - Bach Flowers - Common ailment : cat & dog, horse, rabbit & ferret - Behavior disorder: cat & dog 

Continuing Education


No Pressure Acupressure ™ - Energetic work for an "hands-on free" acupressure - Elemental Acupressure

Acupressure for the Immune system - Elemental Acupressure

Your Elemental Matrix ™ - The 5 Elements on the human side, their patterns and how to work for their harmony - Elemental Acupressure

Energy Work ™ - Grounding & clean-out techniques, Energetic reading - Elemental Acupressure

Acupressure for Vitality - Elemental Acupressure

Acupressure for the back and hind quarters - Elemental Acupressure


Forthcoming :

Energy Work II ™ - Energy work second degree - Elemental Acupressure