Aux Jardins de Beltaìnn

English Version

" Le geste allié à la Nature "


I am Charlotte, pratician in animal naturopathy.

I associate various natural techniques with the art of acupressure to support the balance, vitality & well-being of you companion.

Each support is personalized according to your animal, its needs & environement.


As long as the pandemic lasts and so that everyone can be protected, wearing a mask in necessary during the sessions.

Barrier gestures must also be respected. It is thanks to the respect of these precautions that I will be able, dispite the situation, to ensure my work with you.

Thanks for your understanding

Your Companions

I offer personalized support for dogs, cats and equines

The Situations

  • Balance & wellness support
  • Vitality maintenance
  • New Season's and its challenges preparation
  • Support in trasition situations - new arrival, moving, bereavement, etc...
  • Chonic situations support
  • Advanced age support
  • And more !

Your animal is going through a special situation and you would like to help with a natural support?

Reach me so we can find the best way to support him/her !

Contact Me

My Ethos

  • Values– I practice my work conscientiously, with humanity, integrity and benevolence.
  • Respect – no judgment, ever. Whether it is towards the animal, its owner or its environment.
  • Confidentiality – professional confdientiality is respected at all times
  • Domain– I only intervene in my domain and respect its limits
  • Network – I maintain at your disposal a multidisciplinary network at the service of animal welfare
  • Improvement – my knowledge is kept up to date and enriched with new training 

Nota bene

Naturopathy offers a complementary approach aimed at the physical and psychological well-being of the animal. It does not, in any way, replace checks and visits to your veterinarian. The latter is the only one able to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

If your pet is showing symptoms, has been victim of an accident or you notice changes in its behavior and habits, it is important that a veterinarian visit be made in first intention.

Likewise, I will never go against the veterinarian and will never suggest that you modify, interrupt or refuse veterinary treatment, whether it is preventive, curative or palliativ